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Have global economic & political events impacted your trading success?

    • In the past few years, Macro events have eclipsed trading based on fundamental or technical factors alone.
    • Now you can benefit from our proven ability to correctly interpret and capitalize on global events, business cycles, monetary policy and financial crises.
    • Take advantage of over 15 years of highly successful options trading experience particularly during times of financial crises where macro factors are crucial to trading success. For example, we predicted both the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2007-2008 Credit Crunch earning exceptional returns many times our initial capital.

OptionWhiz Process

Your step-by-step guide towards profitable trades on global macro events

Step 1


Stay informed with some of our macro analysis & commentary for FREE! MacroTrading Edge™ blog plus three global macro alerts.

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Obtain clear analysis of the global macro environment and profit from high reward trades with our Premier Advisory Services!

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Improve your trading strategy and profitability with 4 info-packed sites on the TradingInfoPortal™.

Step 4


Improve your Knowledge ↔ Improve your Trading Education | Research

How you can benefit from OptionWhiz

  1. Profit on trading opportunities with the chance to earn many times your initial capital – past trades have returned anywhere from 2 times to 80 times initial capital! Note: this is not a misprint, please see the following sections: Bio – John and Trading Track Record
  2. Capitalize on our proven ability to interpret global events during normal market conditions and during crises.
  3. Use options as a trading vehicle to limit your risk since in some strategies your maximum risk is known.
  4. Incorporate market psychology, politics, economics and sociology into your trading decisions.

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